Advanced 3D & Post Production: Demolition gone wrong

Tech: Autodesk 3DS Max '10
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere CS4
Eyeon Fusion 5
Volume Breaker
Date: August, 2010
A project for my 3D5 course. I chose to demolish the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, since I've been there in July for Imagine Cup 2010. Fun, but a lot of work.

The main problem was time. I also had an other project that had to be finished and the render time of the smoke was too long. Yet, I rendered so that I could work on the other project in the meantime. I put 3 cores on rendering and used the fourth core for my work on my other project. Render time estimates kept increasing, so I rendered every tenth frame of the smoke. Luckely, I separated everything in render elements and I was able to composite everything back together. This way, my shot got rendered and I was able to make adjustments to the separate elements.

Sculpting in Z-Brush: Famous Person - Matt Damon

Tech: Autodesk 3DS Max 9
Pixologic Zbrush
Date: February, 2009
I dit not finish the texture on this one, so I posted the non-textured one. This was my third Z-Brush exercise. I'm not that artistic, but I found this fun to do. Hair and good photo resemblance were still difficult!

High Poly Modeling: Porsche Boxter

Tech: Autodesk 3DS Max 9
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Date: August, 2007
Within the 3D world, I found car modeling to be the most fun for me.
The way to build it is nice and pragmatic.