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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 entry: Shift

Tech: C#.NET 3.5
XNA 3.0
Drunk Puppy Engine
KiloWatt Animation Library
Date: July, 2009
Links: shiftgame.net
Team blog
Awards: Finalist in Game Development at Imagine Cup '09 (Egypt)
Future: IC 2010
Shift is a puzzle game, developed by myself and three fellow DAE-students.
It was both part of our Integration module and an entry for the 2009 Imagine Cup.
We made it to the final six and got a trip to Caïro, Egypt for the worldwide finals.

I was lead programmer on Shift and worked mainly on AI, Content Management, gameplay implementation and Xbox 360 compatibility.
Jerry Verhoeven, programmer and technical artist, was responsable for implementing the animation library, GUI and the multiplayer version. Our work frequently overlapped, but we were both capable of working together very fluently.
I layed out the basic framework and coded the mechanics that had to be flawless. Jerry was top-notch at quick-fixing all kinds of things and the two of us proved to be a very good team.

Shift was made between November 2008 and July 2009, with a lot of work for school in between.

Don't forget to visit the website... or check out our team blog...

Round 2 entry screenshot (May 20th,2009)

Early April 2009 screenshot...