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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 entry: Shift

Tech: C#.NET 3.5
XNA 3.0
Drunk Puppy Engine
KiloWatt Animation Library
Date: July, 2010
Links: shiftgame.net
Team blog
Awards: 2nd Prize in Game Design at Imagine Cup '10 (Poland)

Finalist in Game Development at Imagine Cup '09 (Egypt)
Past: IC 2009
Shift is a puzzle game, developed by myself and three fellow DAE-students.
It was both part of our Integration module and an entry for the 2009 Imagine Cup.
We made it to the final six and got a trip to Caïro, Egypt for the worldwide finals.
In 2010, we re-entered the competition with Shift and got a trip to Warsaw, Poland where we conquered 2nd place in Game Design.

We did not make it to the top 3 in 2009, so we signed up for Imagine Cup 2010. We made it to the final six again and got a trip to Warsaw.
We didn't expect to reach the top six again, so we only started to improve our game once our internships were finished around mid-June. We made improvements to our tutorial, getting the player more involved instead of throwing them in the wild from the start.
We also worked on our presentation skills. Jeroen explained what Shift is, and I guided the audience through our demo.

We are not starting an own company around Shift, but I intend to work on it some more in my spare time, to have our first game on the market. This might provide us with some valuable insight in how the market works.

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