Shift is created by four Digital Arts and Entertainment students.
It is designed for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Xbox 360 (and a Windows Phone 7 version is in development).


Shift is a unique puzzle game that features new and exhilarating game play. This is combined with neat 3d graphics and a mission to solve the biggest problems in the world of today. Shift consists of a village and the problems that its inhabitants face, represented by ‘problem islands’. The problems are poured into a puzzle form. It is up to the player to solve these puzzles and thus solve the problems in this world.

Shift is special because the player has to divide his attention between multiple ‘overwrite puzzles’. These puzzles provide fresh game play, making every game as exciting as the last one. All puzzles must be solved in time under the pressure of an ever worsening condition. You will go head to head with the threats in the various puzzles. Armed with new technology to help solve your problems: can you turn the tide?


Shift was made possible through sleepless nights and the talents of the following students:





- 2010: 2nd Prize in the Microsoft 2010 Imagine Cup Game Design competition in Poland.
- 2009: Finalist in the Microsoft 2009 Imagine Cup Game Development competition in Caïro.