1: Graduation

Hi guys,

My name is Rob, I’m a programmer-oriented handyman and today I graduated in what is called – hold your breaths – Bachelor in Digital Arts and Entertainment or DAE in short. Now, what is the
– purpose of this blog?

I’ve decided to write about my journey in and through the game industry and about my programming adventures.

But first, let me
– introduce myself to make you aware of who I am and what I do.

I’m a fun guy -at least I think so- who likes to make people smile, although I’m sometimes just a little bit shy too. I have a huge complex -well, not that huge- about my red cheeks, which some say is cute, but I think it’s not. Guess I’m warm-blooded. 🙂 I like a little sarcasm at times, although I have a tendency to get the jokes on myself.

I used to like riding my bike.
I like driving my car. 😉
I still ride my bike though, stay in shape, and -important for all game industry workers who tend to get too caught up at work- stay hydrated! But yes, cars are cool. For the record, women usually share the opposite opinion.

I like to spoil myself from time to time, but think things through before I buy. Most of the things I buy have a power cord attached to it. 😉

– A little history:

I grew up on a farm in West-Flanders, Belgium, have a younger brother, my mom passed away when I was eleven and since summer 2007, I’m living on my own in Kortrijk, Belgium. I’m -currently- single and unemployed. But I also just graduated, so that makes it ok. A lot of people travel the world before they get their careers going, but I’m ready for the plunge into the industry.

My passion for games started around 1998 when I saw some kid playing on his Playstation. Quickly after, I used the little money I had to buy a Playstation. The first game that caught my attention was Parasite Eve 2 by Squaresoft (now Square Enix). Shortly after that I discovered Final Fantasy VIII. These games made a lasting impression on me and I thought about how it must be to be part of a team that made these games. It must be amazing to bring a story to a broad audience and let them experience it. For exactly that reason, my interest in games kept growing. Since I’m also a race fanatic, I quickly enjoyed both arcade racers and driving simulations.

Later in life, I did my internship with a company that produces racing simulations, which was a cool first introduction to working in the industry. But not only RPG and racing games caught my eye. When working on school projects, I also discovered how cool it is to make just plain fun, or even educational games. So when asked if I want to go for big AAA or for small projects, I really can’t decide. ‘Both’ is the ideal answer.

– Education

When I graduated from high school, I was searching for a good game design education, but that was hard to find. I went to The Netherlands to check out a game design school, but it didn’t look all that great. I discovered a school in Kortrijk, Belgium, offering a spanking new course: DAE.

The good thing: Programming and 3D. It got my interest, and I had already worked with C++ and even assembler in my last two years of high school, so I was up for the challenge.
The bad thing: Concept art. It was and will not be my department. I struggled a lot on this one, mainly because it wasn’t my goal to become a concept artist. Yet, I persevered and it paid off.

Future plans

First off, I’m going to clean up my pc’s, make backups, improve my website and portfolio and improve some of my current projects. I’d like to use my spare time to get a few small games on the market and see how well they do. I also believe in the importance of market research. I hope this experience will help me expand my knowledge on that topic and also keep my programming skills up to date.

Besides that I’m also going to use my time to check out all kinds of companies, not restricting myself to just Belgium or Europe. You never know if there’s a great opportunity abroad, so just like when you’re brainstorming, you should keep all options open. I hope to find a company where I feel comfortable, with joyful colleagues, a solid business plan and passion for the games they’re creating.

I’ll separate my joyful programming adventures from the rest, so that non-tech-savvy people can still comprehend what I’m rambling on about.

Other than that, enjoy my blog!

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